Cruise ship “Celebrity Solstice”

Deutscher WetterdienstThe “Celebrity Solstice” is the biggest and most expensive cruise ship built by the Meyer shipyard located in Papenburg, Germany. The ship offers 1.500 square meters of turf on the top deck in 36 meters of height to ambitious golfers – the world’s biggest turf on a ship. The irrigation system was built by company LGRain from Wrestedt, Germany. More than 60 pop-up sprinklers were installed to irrigate the golf course. Click here to learn more about this interesting project by reading the bi-Galabau reprint 4/2009 (PDF).

German Weather Service, Offenbach am Main

Deutscher WetterdienstFollowing the construction of the building, the grounds of the registered office of the German Weather Service show the same climate friendly lay-out. The 5.000 square meters of turf and 7.000 square meters of planted areas are steadily irrigated for long-lasting green. The central eye-catcher is a water basin with a symbolized rain bow built of stainless steel disks raising from the water (left on the photograph). All parts necessary regarding water technology as well as the professional irrigation system were installed by company Gerhardt GmbH from Wiesbaden, Germany.